Planet woonki: all that the woonkis need for their adventures.

Woonki Alpinist & Surfer

The Woonkis enjoy outdoor activities. For example, there is no mountain range or peak that holds your Alpinist woonki back. Plus, the woonki’s magnetic feet will make it easy for you to have your woonki climb any metal surface —try it out on your refrigerator. Or, if there is something that keeps the woonkis in shape, it’s riding waves on their surfboard. The hidden magnets inside their surfboard let you play with their balance.

Woonkis: Nôrskn & Sunner

The woonkis also embark on glorious adventures. From the depths of the north come The Nörskn, the bravest woonkis who tirelessly search for new settlements. Conversely, the Sunners live in the sunniest areas, but make no mistake, these woonkis are always prepared to invade new territories.

Alpinist and Surfer accessories come in 23 cm x 23 cm x 7 cm boxes that weigh 0,15 kg and 0,35 kg respectively. Characters are not included.

Pack Woonki Alpinist

Pack Woonki Surfer

Nörsken Axeman and Sunner Guardian accessories come in 15 cm x 14 cm x 5 cm boxes that weigh 0.09 kg and 0,08 kg respectively. Characters are not included.

Pack Woonki Nörskn Axeman

Pack Woonki Sunner Guardian


3 years and up.

Here they are. Enjoy.

Woonki Alpinist Link

AlpinistBuy now

Reach the highest peak
6 pieces

Woonki Surfer Link

SurferBuy now

Life is a wave
4 pieces

Woonki Axeman Link

Nörskn AxemanBuy now

The bravest
4 pieces

Woonki Guardian Link

Sunner GuardianBuy now

Conquest is served
4 pieces


Perfect Fit

The accessories from Planet woonki are a perfect fit for your woonkis’ lifestyle. Oh, and for their small size as well.

100% Natural

Planet woonki accessories take care of the environment just like the woonkis, because they’re made from natural materials.

No Plastic

Here at wodibow we want you to play with your woonkis and their gear for life, but we wouldn’t want their pieces to be indestructible for 1,000 years.

Extra Cool Factor

When the woonkis equip their Planet woonki accessories, they inspire everybody to follow them in their adventures.