100% respect

At wodibow we know that plastic is a very useful material for making frisbees. Its properties allow these disks to fly not just a long distance but also in a very surprising way; thanks to this, we can spend hours throwing them from one place to another and have a lot of fun. The bad thing is that the plastic in frisbees is never going to stop being plastic, even a hundred and fifty years from now, and that doesn’t seem so much fun to all of us at wodibow.

That’s why our wodibows, out of respect for you and for the world in which we live, are only made of 100% natural materials and don’t contain odd things that pollute or damage the planet or its inhabitants.

Once you have your wodibows put together, you will be able to spend hours playing and having fun with them too, although we aren’t too sure how long they would last without getting hurt if you threw them from one place to another like a frisbee…

Wodibow Molecule