Who are the mastodonts and the nanodonts?

At wodibow we wanted to do a little something to honour mastodont-sized animals —that is, those that weigh more than 700 kg— and we say “little” because doing it on their scale would have been really complicated. That’s why we have designed a family of four species that you, with your own two hands, can create by putting the pieces together.

Mastodonts and nanodonts


Here they are for you. Enjoy them.

Rhinoceros Riin


He’s tame, but watch out for his horn
7 pieces

Hippopotamus Hipu


He only leaves the water to play
7 pieces

Bear Groso


As gluttonous and lazy as he is fun
7 pieces

Elephant Olaf


The mastodont with the sharpest hearing
7 pieces

Mastodonts Full Pack

Mastodon Pack Order

The whole mastodont family brought together
22 pieces, 4 mastodonts

Elephant NanoOlaf


Its trunk aspires to become Olaf’s trunk one day
5 pieces

Bear NanoGroso


He is already as gluttonous as Groso
5 pieces

Hippopotamus NanoHipu


He splashes in the water like Hipu
5 pieces

Rhinoceros NanoRiin


As tame as his big brother Riin
5 pieces

Nanodont Pack

Nanodont PackOrder

Play with all of them
14 pieces, 4 nanodons

Nanodont Full Pack

The 4 nanodontsOrder

All four nanodonts
20 pieces, 4 nanodonts


3 years and up.