Loving care

At wodibow we believe that the essence of nature lives in each and every one of us. If you don’t believe us, try this little exercise: take a white sheet of paper and draw a landscape. It’s very likely that, without even thinking, the landscape that you’re about to draw is a natural one: that is, an unspoiled beach with a yellow sun in the sky and a sailboat on the horizon, a mountain with a tree and a beehive hanging from it, or a lake with lots of different-colored ducks.

That’s why we use 100% natural materials like wood, olive oil and beeswax, because we want to preserve not just the essence of nature but nature itself. And that’s not all: for each wodibow that you buy, we will donate a part to organizations that promote ecosystem conservation. That way, we can continue to enjoy unspoiled beaches with a yellow sun in the sky and sailboats on the horizon, mountains with trees that have beehives hanging from them, and lakes with lots of different-colored ducks.

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