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Cwic means “living, alive” in Old English, which is why we chose it to name the tree that is an allegorical representation of the cycle of life. It grows and develops; it blossoms and bears fruit; and in winter it sleeps before coming back to life the next spring.

Many trees go through the cycle of life every year, with their branches and leaves, with their flowers and fruits. They’re the deciduous trees, whose life cycle is decided by the four seasons. We’re going to tell you all about it with Cwic.

Cwic, wodibow’s four-seasons tree, is a deciduous tree. It’s alive; and with a little help from you it will go through all the seasonal changes.

Cwic and the seasons

In winter you can cover Cwic with snow so that it hibernates (and is protected from the cold, as weird as that sounds). As spring slowly approaches, you can make the snow fall and the first flowers bloom. Later in spring you can help the braches teem with life by adding green leaves. When summer comes, flowers will turn into fruits among those leaves. In autumn, fruits fall off and the foliage turns orange before the autumnal winds and rain make it disappear. The last leaf to drop marks the beginning of winter once again.

The Seasons with Cwic

Cwic is made with 58 solid beech wood pieces and magnets. Some pieces are painted with eco-friendly water-based paint. Thus you will be able to decorate your tree with fresh or dry leaves, flowers, fruit and snow. The tree is packaged in a solid box carved from a single piece of wood in the shape of a flowerpot. The box contains all the pieces needed to play with your tree of life. It weighs 1,7 kg and the tree is about 20 cm tall. But of course it may grow.

Cwic Specs


3 years and up.

Here it is. Enjoy.


CwicBuy now

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58 pieces



In order to assemble your Cwic you don’t need any tools or glue; there are tiny magnets embedded in its pieces that make them attract each other.

Weather Independent

Cwic may manifest any season regardless of the actual climate or weather conditions.

No Plastic

Here at wodibow we want you to enjoy your Cwic for life, but we wouldn’t want its pieces to be indestructible for 1,000 years.

Self Sustaining Flora

Cwic is a 100% sustainable tree that doesn’t need water, fertilizer or a change of soil.