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Chalking MyWay goes together with your Chalking, Chalking Incolour, or Chalking XL. Because in addition to building cities, towns, forests, houses, airports or anything else you want, its flat pieces mean you can finish building the city and its roads. Or the forest with its rivers and paths, or the airport and its runway.

And you can make whatever you want because you can draw on the surface of Chalking MyWay and then rub it out, then draw on it and rub it out, then draw on it and rub it out, as many times as you like. Imagination + 21 flat pieces + 6 colored pieces of chalk + Chalking = thousands of hours of endless fun.

Chalking MyWay contains 21 beech wood pieces coated with chalkboard paint and 6 sticks of colored chalk. Each piece is 0,75 cm thick It comes in a 19 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm box that weighs 0,75 kg. Please note: original Chalking is not included.

Chalking MyWay Detalles


2 years and up.

Here it is. Enjoy.

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Open new paths
21 pieces / 6 chalk sticks



Do It Yourself! With Chalking MyWay you can trace countless pathways and you are the creator that will bring them to life.

100% Natural

Chalking MyWay respects the environment with its 100% natural materials: chalk, beech wood and ecological paint.

No Plastic

Here at wodibow we want you to enjoy your Chalking products for life, but we wouldn’t want their pieces to be indestructible for 1,000 years.

Imagination Fueled

To play with the Chalking product family you don’t need batteries or plugs because it’s strictly powered by your imagination.