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To make:

1. tr. To cause to exist or happen; bring about; create.

2. tr. To bring into existence by shaping, modifying, or putting together material; construct.

3. tr. To execute; carry out; perform.

4. tr. To give intellectual existence, to form in the mind or conceive in the imagination.

We’ve chosen these among the 50+ definitions of the word “make”.

Maker culture is interested in applying technological tools to the arts and crafts and using mass production techniques to achieve quality products. It mixes the craftsman’s care with avant-garde tech. It promotes the idea of doing what you want, not what you can. Today’s technology makes it easier to develop your professional dream.

This has been the basic concept behind wodibow’s production process. We’re craftsmen, we’re designers, but that doesn’t prevent us from using high technology when carving our products. CNC technology provides the necessary precision for our pieces to click, to be assembled and disassembled, to move as they should. It’s a creative use of technology: a machine originally conceived to make doors and furniture is actually making toys?

In this time of daily upheaval and corruption we have perhaps felt the need to make something that you can touch, something that is what it seems, the real McCoy. Just ideas and hard work.

Wodibow is a dream, it’s an idea and it’s tangible. If you want to know the factory, we will soon show it to you. And if you want to visit, drop us a line.

Thank you.

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