Let them talk about us

The third Mastodon Pack produced in our workshop was for some friends that wanted a gift for a relative. And they gave us the best product testing that you can do, which was to observe a real-life reaction to it.

The result came as a positive surprise. Let them talk about us, especially when they say nice things. Thank you Germán and Amaya.



I’m not going to offer a detailed or chronological description of events, but the reaction was very positive. There were three people that knew nothing about the product and one that had heard stories about it but had never seen it, and everyone was duly impressed. The one who was in the know confessed that she had not expected it to be so cool.

A few unordered facts:

It was said that it had an IKEA feel, because of the material and the animal names on the box.

There was confusion and clumsiness during assembly. Also, difficulty in understanding what things were, or even what the whole thing was… you know, existential questions. The discovery of the presence of magnets was late in coming, and that generated a bit of perplexity as to how to put the pieces together, since they didn’t seem to click. Some of the mouths were assembled upside down, forcing the animal to be open-mouthed in perpetual bewilderment. The elephant caused serious orientation problems, trunk pointing to the ceiling, ears mounted backwards.

Someone said that the design was “sculptural”, a veritable art piece, something that could have originated in the Bauhaus or the Decó age, much better than a lot of the crap that passes for art these days.

Someone said that every piece would be unique because the wood grain texture would always be different, making every product exclusive.

The most liked: the hippo and the bear.

Someone spent the best part of half an hour distractedly caressing the assembled animal, without noticing that she was doing it.

Someone stated that some pieces were glued because there was no mistaking the tell-tale adhesive stains. After some minutes of close examination, she realized she was thoroughly mistaken. That boosted the coolnes factor of the object.

Everybody agreed that it was something unique and never-before-seen.

The packaging and presentation were widely praised. People were favourably surprised to find the can of beeswax and the little cloth to apply it. Everyone opened the can and smelled its contents.

When it was established that there were in fact four animals, the decision was made to assemble one each season: the hippo in summer (being such a bather), the rhino in autumn (being on the verge of extinction), the bear in winter (because of its fur and love of cold environments), the elephant in spring (no attempt at a rational explanation but everyone seemed very much in agreement.) We suspect that it was a nice declaration of intent that will never come to pass, but you never know.

That’s about it. All those considerations were repeated several times with different words. In summary, a great success.



Any other feedback? It will always be welcome.

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