Once upon a time there was wodibow

And one day I thought: “I’m already 41 and I should start doing exactly what I like”. Which is not loafing around, mind, it’s not “doing nothing”. It’s playing. Yes, the years have gone by and, along with them, a part of my life. But here I am, still wanting to do what I wanted to do when I was 4, 5, 6 years old: play.

That’s how wodibow was born. It’s a toy company. To get into the game of making toys and building up a business. But not just any toy.

Wodibow is the result of years of research (at least three) about what can you do with wood (an old passion of mine) but without glue, plastic, toxic paint or varnish. Something that on some level will surprise, paint a smile on your face, feel different.

And as I like to tell over and over, from my attraction to wood came the concept of “attractive wood”. From that concept, the Mastodons were born. A unique collection of animals that weigh over 700 kg (that’s 1543.24 pounds for the metric impaired) and share the same body. Yes, one body and four heads make a bear (we like to call him Groso), an elephant named Olaf, a rhinoceros called Riin and a hippopotamus whose name you’ve probably already guessed: Hipu.


Some say that the mastodons became extint, but during a trip through Europe we discovered that this is not the case, that they live inside some huge trees called beeches. If you want to bring them to life, you only need to dig into the wood and pull them out. That’s true, at least, of our Mastodons. And that’s what we’ve done in the town of Segovia; we’ve built a carpenter’s workshop equipped with the most advanced CNC systems to wake up these 700+ kg animals from their 8.000 year slumber.

Wodibow wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Mayte and Carlos and Jaime and Aniana and Pedro and Gonzalo and Antonio and Elena and Bea and Miguel and La Gómez and Mark and Manolo and Luis and Águeda and Mónica and Marta and Javier and Rafa Rafa and Luis and Miguel and Isabella and Ana and German and Amanda and Charo and another Bea and another Elena and Antonio and Andrew and another Antonio and Dani and Juan and Paco and (yet another) Elena and Rosa & Co. and Vicente and María Jesús and Raúl and Carme and Álvaro and Fernando and Roberto and Aitor and Manolo and Otilia and La Fundación Persona and… I know that I’m forgetting a lot of friends.

We hope that you’ll like it and tell us what you think.

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